Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Saga

New Saga model, now who booked start on August 08, they booked with new price, This saga is perfect car and everyone can have it..for who need large space, large boot space, cheap, and a bit comfortable, bit performance..but one thing i need to know why proton change location of the signal stick switch between stick wiper switch. Like Waja, can I know why they do this? .Old saga, and other car, Signal stick switch at the right hand why new saga and waja at the left hand?hoho really need to know...

Saga, good looking, nice car, really perfect car but sometime look ugly at the other angel. This car just a few week on the road but now 'tuk-tuk' sound at front left tire, don't know where come from, maybe from suspension or brake problem, don't know i guess. hope its just some manufacture problem 1000 in 1. After this car ready to service, i will ask the proton about that sound.

Still on saga, 1.3L campro engine. Some say, this saga same chasis with savvy. air condition fan sound really making much noise. Maybe it because of only one fan they used for this car. that why it much noise. ( if fan running in high rpm, it's will making much noise but if this fan running in slow rpm, noise maybe not much) like computer processor fan, slow rpm, will slow the noise.

About door, this new saga really good cause we can open door very wide, around 90 degree that mean its easy for big person to get in and out. Other problem about this car can we know from time to time..:)


  1. wah,dah pakai kereta ye? tahniah2

  2. terima kasih butterfly85..tapi itu kereta org la...:Dhehe..tu hanya cerita tentang kereta saga semata-mata, kereta org...den komen apa yang patut saja :D

  3. salam, wex ske tgk new saga tuh dari belakang... kiut miut.. hahaha n wex ske tgk new saga warne biru..

  4. thanks for visitd..ha'ah memang blakang tu mcm merc pun ada (merc model kecik haha...)erm depan pun leh tahan gak pa..cuma kalau tgk dari tepi tuh cam ada kekurangan ja kereta nieh...warna biru?erm..boleh la...tapi ska lagi yang putih :D thanks skali lagik

  5. tul2 itam nmpak cam excutive skit (yeke?)... putih nmpak cam cool (wex rse)... biru wlu pn xcntik sgt tp di mte wex sntiase lawe (hehehehhe)...

    wex ske belakang, sbb kecik je, wex pn slalu nmpak blakang saga on the road.... hehehehe

    rse cam NAK satu plak... heheheh

  6. apa kata ambik semua kaler, pintu kaler lain bodet kaler lain, hahaha baru ada semua ciri2 tuh cool,excutive dan sebagainya:D

    bagus2..:D support Malaysian product..recommended