Friday, October 3, 2008

let's talk about Malaysia Car

Some say it design by Perodua it's self but some say Perodua is company under Daihatsu. but for me Perodua not design body car but they used the daihatsu facelook(body) that mean they just design n build their own engine. Like NAZA they used the body from Kia and they build thier own engine.

Daihatsu Sirion = myvi
Daihatsu Terios = like new kembara
and other more...(find ii your self)

last time about few years ago, Proton also like that just redesign the body from Mitsubishi and they came out the proton car. if you notice that, proton saga (1st model proton car) look like Mitsubishi fiore then wira same as evo3, lancer that why if you see malaysia people now, some people who have wira or saga, it's trend now they change thier bodykit that proton look like Mitsubishi car. Now cause of high demand for the bodykit the price become high. last time the price for full set bodykit its just around below RM500 but now price closed to RM 2000. See, quite high right, that why i replan my planing :D to stay with proton bodykit. Now, proton i think they came out with their own design, but with lotus help (maybe, cause i dont know)

it's all just my 1 sen opinion, maybe right may be not so..don't trust me if wanna know more about what i'm talking about just google to find the answer...:) or talk to the thier workers

p/s : i'm tring to improve my English...tq


  1. You're doing wonderfully with your English! Thank you for the post on my blog, I appreciate the compliment. Sorry I don't know any Malay, but I love that video you posted about photography, maybe we'll have to talk about pictures sometime! Good luck with everything

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