Sunday, October 5, 2008

Honours and without Honours

I'm still confused about this, Bachelor with Honours and Bachelor only. Ok for example

University A
Programmes Offered
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with Honours
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering with Honours

University B
Programmes Offered
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering

So anybody, can someone explain me what its mean? with one is good? what different between honours?


  1. I actually shoot in color and b&w, but I prefer b&w. What about you? What do you like taking pictures of? And about the University, Honors classes always look better on transcripts, or when you get a job, but there is a lot of homework involved. Not always harder, just a lot more work.

  2. more work more fun and more money la...:D

  3. mckay, thank you for the answer..that mean with honours is better :D